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Quality Manual is a complete and detailed description of the process followed in an organization from the material arrival to the final delivery to the customers by following the Quality Control measures. Every manufacturer follows this process to maintain Quality assurance to provide the Best Quality TMT Bars.The Quality Manual prescribes the detailed procedure to be follow in the organization from the material in-coming stage to the servicing of customer after the dispatch under the Quality Assurance/Quality Control system, by concerned in-charges. It defines the procedure to be follow by everyone in the organization to maintain strict quality control and to achieve “Total Quality Management [TQM]” in all aspects of the industry.

TMT bars that have a uniform and concentrated hardened periphery and a softer core will have the desired tensile strengths coupled with high elongation as required in seismic zones. Depending on the size and grade, rebar with a hardened periphery of about 15 to 30% of the cross sectional area of the cross sectional area of the bar is ideal for civil construction. The TMT Bars come with a complex periphery and a soft core, making them the perfect TMT Bars for Construction,because the quality of hardness with strengthening will never get compromised. We can say that the Best TMT Bars for Constructionwill be available only when the manufacturing process includes Thermo Mechanical Treatment of the bars.

What makes “ULTRA TMT” Bars the most sought after is the manufacturing process that includes THERMO MECHANICAL TREATMENT of the bars.Mainly, the quality Manual is divided into three sections depends upon manufacturing stages. Let us know –

Step 1 - # Incoming Stage

  • At first, the raw material will come to the specific area, and there will also be a seal named under inspection. Then the testing will get started by following relevant standards. The raw material will get tested through carbon, sulfur, Silicon, Carbon Equivalent, and Manganese. By chance, if there is non-conformity of the results, then that raw material will not take to further production.This unique combination of ferrite/pearlite of the center and marten site on the surface gives “ULTRA TMT” Bars higher yield strength coupled with higher elongation of the finer ductility.
The Quality manual divided into three parts depending on the processes and stages of manufacturing. They are:

The raw material received shall place in the designated area with a tag marked “Under Inspection” for identification and inspection. It should then tested/inspected for its requirements as per the relevant IS standards. The Raw material [MS billets] have been tested for their chemical composition like

  • CARBON %

In addition, surface defects and the results shall tabulate in the Raw material test record. In case of non-conformity, they will not be taken in to the production.

Process raw material meeting the requirements should be alone for production. The tests prescribed shall perform on the material in process.

  • During rolling, the temperature of the bar recorded at the time of entry into the mill until the finishing stand, which ensures rolling at optimum and controlled temperatures I.E 1100 TO 1150.
  • The material not meeting the required test specifications should be scrapped, noted in the test register and placed in the designated area of scrap/rejected material.
  • Materials passing all the tests will send for final testing and packing. The observed values and calculations will note in the test register.

Before dispatching the material, we have been conducting the Physical and Chemical analysis on our finished product “ULTRA TMT” likes

  • MASS [KG/M]
  • DIA [MM]
  • YIELD STRESS [N/mm2]
  • UTS [N/ mm2]
  • CARBON %

If test results found negatively that material will be scrapped and place in the designated areas.

The Material that meets the test parameters as per IS: 1786-2008 standards will pack and arranged for dispatch. Test certificates should be prepared with respect to the results noted in the above test registers. Test result at different stages of manufacturing shall tabularize in the following test reports.

  • a. Routine test reports
  • b. Acceptance test reports

Routine test report should be maintain daily, acceptance test reports once in a week and Type test report once in a month.

Customer specific test reports shall make as per random testing and the same report will sent do the customer along with the consignment.

The procedures to be follow at various points in the above-mentioned stages.

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